To our supporters — 

This Veterans Day, the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation is celebrating the ways in which the warrior ethos has transcended generations and conflicts. 

From the birth of this nation and the quest for freedom and independence to ongoing operations in the Global War on Terrorism, Americans have always stood ready to serve.

As the foundation congressionally-designated to plan, fund, and build our national Global War on Terrorism memorial, we believe we have a unique opportunity to help highlight America’s deep legacy of generational service. 

We’re asking for your help in demonstrating the uncommon character that defines our warrior class. During these next weeks, we’d like to share the personal, multi-generational service stories that are meaningful to you. 

Our mission is inspired by those who came before us, and we believe that — through a Global War on Terrorism Memorial on the National Mall — we can inspire future generations of Americans to unity and service in every form. 

We encourage you to celebrate your stories with us by submitting them to and by tagging us in your own social media posts using the hashtag #InspiredByService.

Sincerely — 

Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation

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