…Scruggs was impressed, and started serving as Brennan’s mentor. He advised the younger vet to start seeking higher-ranking names for his board, people like Petraeus, retired Army Gen. George W. Casey and retired Marine Gen. James T. Conway, and even supplied their email addresses. “Write them,” Scruggs suggested, “and CC me.”

Today, all three serve on Brennan’s advisory board.

The process to build a memorial is long. The National World War II Memorial on the Mall opened roughly 60 years after that war ended. Korean war vets waited 42 years. But in hindsight, those waits seem grossly long, Brennan said. He hopes his effort will not take as long to become a reality.

His group has the backing of, among others, Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.), a former Navy Seal who fought in Iraq. Zinke is also a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, which oversees national parkland.

“The War on Terror started 15 years ago, and yet we are unable to build a memorial because of government regulations that stipulate when and where a memorial can be built,” Zinke said in an email. “That’s not right. It’s a disservice to the warriors and to the families. ”

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