Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of the GWOT Memorial Foundation as a non-profit?

The GWOT Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization as of 15 May 2015. The Federal I.D. for donations is 47-3700489.

How Can I Donate?

Donating is easy! Just click on the donate button at the top of our page and you can become a contributor to ensure our generations veterans are eternally honored.

I can’t donate money. Can I still help?

Of course! Your voice is vital! Please spread the word by sharing our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) and contact your local government representatives to generate support for our cause! We have made that easy, as you can email, Tweet, and Facebook your legislators directly from our site HERE.

Where can I find the GWOT Memorial Foundation on social media?

Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and MySpace (wait what?… just kidding). Consistent handle is @GWOTMF.

Is The Global War on Terror even over?

No. In fact, there are thousands of service members scattered around the world continuing to protect the nation from foreign adversaries of terror.

If the Global War on Terror has not come to conclusion, why is your organization already collecting funds for a memorial?

The goal of our organization is to ensure that a memorial is built in a timely manner to honor our Global War on Terrorism Veterans. Many of the nations war memorials were built decades after the wars ended.  We noticed a need to start organizing, fundraising and lobbying early to secure our vision of having a small place in our National Mall for veterans and civilians alike to reflect on the longest war in our nations history.

Why is now the time to start?

A 40 year old service member that served in 2001 in Afghanistan, is about 55 today after 15 years of sustained war. If it takes GWOTMF 10 years to work through the legislative hurdles, design the memorial and gain approvals from the various federal commissions, and raise the estimated $25-35 million that will be needed for the memorial… that 40 years old service member from 2001 will be 65 and taking his or her grandchildren to see the memorial. That is why the time to start is now.

When do you expect the memorial to be built and dedicated?

Summer 2024 is the reasonable estimate we currently have for when we expect the memorial to be built. Numerous legislators have agreed that 2024 is a reasonable estimate based on how long memorial endeavors typically take.

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