Our Story

The GWOT Memorial Foundation began when U.S. Army veteran Andrew Brennan came up with the idea when he bumped into a group of veteran motorcyclists on their way to D.C. for the annual Rolling Thunder ride in 2014. The organization started with a small group of like-minded veterans who believed in the mission of honoring all who selflessly served in the Global War on Terror.

In only a few short years of existence, the GWOT Memorial Foundation introduced a Bill that unanimously passed through the House and Senate approving a national war memorial to be built before the fighting was over. The Global War on Terrorism Memorial Act became law in August of 2017 after receiving President Trump’s signature. The law exempts the Global War on Terrorism memorial from a 10-year waiting period by the Commemorative Works Act of 1986 and authorizes GWOTMF to oversee the fundraising, design, and construction of the memorial.