Tara Salvati

Special Events Coordinator

Tara Salvati is an educator, Army wife, and mother who currently resides in the DC metro area.  Before marrying her husband in 2009, Tara was both a high school and middle school Italian teacher in New York.  After finishing graduate school with a degree in TESOL, Tara pursued her teaching career while accompanying her husband to various duty stations around the US.  In the past seven years, Tara has taught Spanish and ESOL in Alabama, Texas, Arizona, and Maryland.  She has also earned her second Master’s Degree, an MS in Educational Leadership and Administration, from George Washington University.

A mother to five and six-year-old daughters and a three-year-old son, Tara’s days are joyously occupied with the everyday tasks of motherhood.  She also serves as the co-leader of her husband’s unit’s Family Readiness Group.  When she is able to steal away time for herself, Tara enjoys exercise, dancing, the theater, travel, and fine cuisine.  Over the course of the last ten years, Tara has had a variety of experiences planning events for various personal and professional occasions.  It is an honor to serve on the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation Operations Team, and help give back to the selfless community of Veterans and their families.

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