Who am I and what do I do?

By William Lutz

What do I do?

Hi everybody. I’m Will, and I run the tech around here at GWOT MF HQ. Like my tech skills, not perfect but gets the job done. I’m responsible for making sure the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation website is working, donations are processed, donor and VIP management works (thanks SalesForce.org!), and this little blog here. Before you beat me up because something isn’t working, remember this friends: this is volunteer time for me – I do it when not working on my day job.

Who is this guy anyway?

Before this, I’ve had few other jobs. I did Navy ROTC in college at Carnegie Mellon University, went into the Navy, and joined the submarine force. I earned my dolphins (submariner warfare quals) and drove around the Atlantic for a bit on the USS Miami. After five lovely years without sunlight, steady cell phone service, and regular email I left the Navy and went back to school – this time Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business MBA program. While there I co-founded my own technology startup company and got involved with Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurship community.


While volunteering for another totally awesome Veteran service nonprofit (What?! What?! Mission Continues!) I met Andrew . . .


He told me what he was working on and that he needed a hand with the tech stuff. What started as some now-and-then free advising, quickly turned into passion for this project. I never saw a combat environment – submarining is tough work, but it’s not combat – however I do know a lot of people who did see combat. I know people who were injured (physically and mentally) and some who gave what President Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion.”

As an east-coast mid-Atlantic native, many weekends of my childhood were spent in Washington DC – museums and memorials. The inspiration one experiences when first learning about the dedication and sacrifice of our Veterans is impressive and important – both for the Veteran community and the nation as a whole. Although our country has stood against terror long before that, it has been 15 years since the first lives were lost in the Global War on Terror. I strongly believe we need to come together and make this memorial happen.

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