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Honoring the Fallen: A Memorial Day Message from Our President and CEO

Friends and Supporters,

On November 13, 1942, the USS Juneau, an American warship supporting the Battle of Guadalcanal, was sunk by Japanese torpedoes. On board were five brothers from Waterloo, Iowa: George, Frank, Joe, Matt, and Al Sullivan. None of them survived.

The Sullivan brothers instantly became national heroes because of their sacrifices, and their selfless sacrifice to our nation inspires us to this day.

As this Memorial Day arrives, we know that there are thousands of American families whose wartime sacrifices are far less known. That doesn’t make them any less important.

As we do every Memorial Day, today we pause to give thanks for all the valorous men and women who have given their lives in combat on behalf of our blessed nation. We solemnly contemplate their blood that was shed for freedom. And we mourn alongside Gold Star family members, loved ones and friends who continue to greive their tremendous loss.

Our mission at the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation is to ensure that those killed fighting terrorism are remembered forever. We always approach our mission with the sanctity and reverence it deserves, for it is sacred. Once completed, the National Global War on Terrorism Memorial in Washington, D.C. will be an enduring place where all Americans can gather to pay tribute to fallen heroes—and all who have participated in this ongoing conflict.

As a Global War on Terrorism veteran, and father of a Global War on Terrorism veteran I cannot fully articulate the importance of this work to me. Thousands of others who have also worn the uniform and support us feel the same way. If you would like to join our mission, and pledge some of your time, talent, or treasure to the Foundation, please contact us.

I am exceedingly grateful for all of you. I regard each and every one of you as familia. Let us unite today—and every Memorial Day—as Americans filled with admiration, gratitude, and respect for our fallen warriors.

Gracias and God Bless,

Michael “Rod” Rodriguez
GWOTMF President and CEO

Main Photo by Master Sgt. Chris Botzum