One of our organizational values is accountability. It is a quality that was drilled into most of our team members, and often in an environment where the loss of a critical piece of equipment or gear could lead to mission failure or risk to fellow team members. As a result, we take the obligation to be good stewards of the funds donated to our efforts.

The Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation has little to report in our first year of operation. After receiving nonprofit status from the IRS in May of 2015, we did not begin grassroots fundraising until the first week of November 2015. So essentially, the information included in our IRS FORM 990 for 2015 only includes seven weeks of financial information. We raised a total of $2,920, and our expenses measured $1,512; $1,500 of which were fees paid to our law firm for services rendered enabling us to incorporate in Pennsylvania and obtain nonprofit status from the IRS.

Below is our 2015 IRS FORM 990 as filed:

For 2016, as we are already rapidly expanding and focusing more on fundraising, we will publish a much more detailed annual report in addition to our 2016 IRS FORM 990. Our fiscal year ends on 15 May annually, so our IRS 990 and annual report will usually be available on or about 1 June of each fiscal year.

As stated in our filed FORM 990s, our governing documents, policies, and financial statements are available upon request.