Americia UberLead Grant Writer

Americia Uber is a Program Director at a gymnastics school located in Pittsburgh, PA. She has a B.A. is Psychology and recently graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a Masters in Social Work and an MBA. She has previously worked at the United Way of Southwestern PA and with the Office of the Public Defender of Allegheny County.


Americia strives to combine her experience and education in the MSW and MBA programs to apply varying business models to enhance the development of creative and sustainable solutions. She aims to break the cycle of temporary fixes often seen in non-profits, and alleviate some of the structural facets that create cycles of difficulty for many people. She has a particular interest in promoting sustainable practices and lifestyles that improve communities, and reduce negative environmental consequences.


Americia enjoys any outdoor activity in her spare time, including mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, hiking, and adventuring with her husband and their dog. She is interested in environmental conservation and promoting healthy recreation.

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